Marcus Herzig


Marcus Herzig, future bestselling author and professional sarcast, was born in 1970 and studied Law, English, Educational Science, and Physics, albeit none of them with any tenacity or ambition. After dropping out of university he held various positions in banking, utilities, and Big Oil that bore no responsibility or decision-making power whatsoever.

Always destined to be a demiurge, he has been inventing characters¹ and telling stories since the age of five. His favorite genre, both as a reader and a writer, is Young Adult literature, but he also very much enjoys science- and literary fiction.

Marcus, who finds it very peculiar to talk about himself in the third person, prefers sunsets over sunrises, white wine over red, beer over wine, pizza over pasta, and humanity over humans. His favorite person is his future husband. Their favorite place is the beach.²

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¹ Some say: fake identities.
² Not that they get to go to the beach very often, but even so.
³ LOL, no. But follow him anyway.
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